Faster Build Times

We are able to frame a house twice as fast as stick built homes. This is possible because the entire roof/wall system easily installs in sections, the openings and chases are pre-cut in the factory, and there is no need for sheathing or insulating on site.

Environmentally Friendly

NetZero homes offer homebuyers an eco-conscious option. The SIPs are built using wood from renewable new-growth forests and non-toxic insulating foam. They also reduce the energy consumption of the home; further reducing the carbon footprint.

Less Waste

Using custom SIP walls and panels virtually eliminates waste and can save contractors a considerable amount of money. These savings can be passed on to the home buyer, making your homes more desirable.

Higher Quality Product

Similar Cost to Build – The savings in labor and waste offset the higher upfront cost of using SIPs and building NetZero homes. These panels offer homeowners a much greater value due to the long-term savings on power bills. For a negligible difference in upfront costs, builders can offer a superior product with superior value.

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